Most advanced property management software.

Look no further than Osyro! A powerful platform is packed with features to help you increase property sales and provide a top-notch tenant experience.

Tenant Center

Dedicated login to check lease, raise issues, and contact manager directly.

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Facility Care

Easily track property maintenance, assign tasks, and get instant notifications.

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Property Sale Center

Integrated platform to boost sales with lead management, property info, and analytics.

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Smart Locker

Effortlessly handle and organize your documents for improved workflow.

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Don't miss out on the opportunity

Over 4,000 property units have already benefited from our product.

Why Osyro?

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

User-Friendly Design for Effortless Interactions

A seamless experience is guaranteed for everyone with an intuitive, user-friendly design. This makes interactions effortless for your team, residents, and investors, regardless of location or time.

Unlocking Opportunities with Centralized Data and Automation

Centralizing your data unlocks opportunities to optimize your team's work. With automation and AI, you can boost productivity, achieve more impactful outcomes, and make work more meaningful.

Integrated Communication Channels for Advanced Connectivity

Success in property management is guaranteed with integrated communication channels that streamline interactions between team members, residents, and stakeholders. Fosters seamless collaboration for enhanced efficiency, transparency, and satisfaction.

What Osyro Does?

Empower your real estate journey with OSYRO's cutting-edge solutions.

Sales Osyro

Increase sales and streamline operations with Osyro's sales management platform.

Popular Features
  • Sales CRM solutions.
  • Transfer leads to customers.
  • Lead Follow-Up.
  • Boost sales efficiency.
  • Automated Sales Engagement.
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Leasing Osyro

Streamline daily operations, improve trust, and boost business reach.

Popular Features
  • Track lease changes.
  • AI lease monitoring.
  • Boost leasing communication.
  • Simplify lease procedures.
  • Increase deal closures.
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Facility Osyro

Simplify facility care with automated maintenance and property analytics.

Popular Features
  • Scheduled asset maintenance.
  • Convenient mobile access.
  • Complete automated alert.
  • Timely preventive maintenance.
  • Time-Saving Reports.
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Finance Osyro

Confidently establish financial operations for successful property management.

Popular Features
  • Efficiently manage finances.
  • Streamline financial tracking.
  • Growth Without Hindrances
  • Productive Accountanting.
  • Robust Management System
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Marketing Osyro

Achieve marketing benefits with effective plans and a good return on investment.

Popular Features
  • Discover market opportunities.
  • Organize marketing operations.
  • Fulfill client needs.
  • Monitor and analyze data.
  • Inexpensive for managers.
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Document Osyro

Improve workflow efficiency by streamlining operations with document management.

Popular Features
  • Quick data access.
  • Access anywhere, anytime.
  • Unify file hub.
  • Cybersecurity guaranteed.
  • No physical storage.
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Feature spotlight: Osyro AI

Embrace the future of productivity with easy-to-use AI tools that spark creativity, automate tasks, and unlock insights across the Osyro customer platform.

Tenant Occupancy Rate

Professional team boosts tenant occupancy, minimizing property vacancy for the owner.

Customer Satisfaction

Increased Revenue

Manage your entire portfolio through a single, powerful platform.

Osyro is now available to download from both the App Store and Google Play Store.